"Nothing's ever locked."
— Jack's phrase.

Jack Wilder

Jack Wilder

Full Name
Jack Wilder
Sleight-of-Hand Artist
New York, NY
Family & Friends
Lula May (Girlfriend)
Portrayed by

Jack Wilder is a main character in Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2.

He's portrayed by Dave Franco.

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Jack Wilder is trying to be the next great magician, who idolizes a well-known street magician named J. Daniel Atlas. He is skilled with pickpocketing and opening locked doors. In the opening sequence, Jack is in the New York Water Taxi and promises to give $100 to anyone who revealed the magic trick he was going to do. Jack takes a spoon and bends it with his mind, but a man quickly reveals the trick. Jack hands the $100, but the man then finds out that Jack had stolen his wallet and his watch. One year later, Jack and three other street magicians are joined together to put on a magic show in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen" where the audience is rewarded with money, taken from a bank in Paris. The police are wondering how the magicians stole 3.2 million Euros from a bank vault in Paris in three seconds.

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