"Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you. Because what is seeing? You're looking, but what you're really doing is filtering. Interpreting. Searching for meaning. My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me: your attention, and use it against you."
— Atlas at the beginning of the extended movie.

J. Daniel Atlas

J. Daniel Atlas

Full Name
J. Daniel Atlas
Chicago, IL (formerly)
New York, NY
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J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas is the main protagonist in the movie, Now You See Me.

He's portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg.

Background Edit

J. Danny Atlas is a very well-known street magician and illusionist. He performs for people and originally had an assistant, Henley Reeves, but they stopped working together, because Henley could not fit into a trapdoor that another one of Atlas' assistants, Rebecca, could fit through. In the opening sequence, Atlas flips through a deck of cards and tells his spectator to see one card as he flipped through. He then threw the cards into the air and the card she saw appeared on the side of a tower. One year later, Atlas and three other street magicians are joined together to put on a magic show in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen" where the audience is rewarded with money, taken from a bank in Paris. The police are wondering how the magicians stole 3.2 million Euros from a bank vault in Paris in three seconds.

Personality Edit

Atlas is seen throughout the movie to be a control freak, according to Merritt McKinney and Henley Reeves. He is extremely arrogant and confident.

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