Henley Reeves


Full Name
Henley Reeves
Escape Artist
New York, NY
Family & Friends
Portrayed by

Henley Reeves is a main character in Now You See Me.

She's portrayed by Isla Fisher.

Background Edit

Henley was once a magic assistant to J. Daniel Atlas, but she then became a solo act. In the opening sequence, she performs a show where she would be handcuffed below water and she had sixty seconds to get out or a tank of flesh-eating piranha would fall into the tank and eat her. She becomes trapped and the piranha fall in. The water turns blood red, but she is then seen outside of the tank, perfectly safe. One year later, Henley and three other street magicians are joined together to put on a magic show in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen" where the audience is rewarded with money, taken from a bank in Paris. The police are wondering how the magicians stole 3.2 million Euros from a bank vault in Paris in three seconds.

Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

Henley Reeves

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